Quality life in
proximity to Brno

The picturesque town of Oslavany is located nearby, about 25 km southwest of Brno and 3 km northwest of Ivančice, on the edge of the Boskovice furrow. It is a quiet, smaller location that is significant for its Renaissance chateau that towers over the Oslava River. This monument was the first female Cistercian castle in Moravia of its era, built on the alluvial plain of the Oslava River. In 2019, a complete renovation of the extensive castle park was completed in the neighborhood, which includes a playground, a bathing bio-top, and a relaxation zone. 
The village of Oslavany has big potential concealed within. The uniqueness of the location undoubtedly lies in the combination of excellent amenities, transport accessibility, and immediate surroundings with the character of the countryside. It is suitable not only for living thanks to its rich amenities, but also for activities for all ages.
The village of Padochov also belongs to the municipality, which can boast its own brewery and sports complex Permonium that is not only for children, but also adults.