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Answers to your most frequently asked questions

  • What stage is the project currently in? We are currently preparing the I. Stage of the project. These are 46 building plots for the individual construction of family houses.
  • What utilities are part of the property and where will they be installed? Each building plot will have a plot boundary created and approved: access road, utility networks - rainwater, sewage, water supply, gas, electricity and data in the form of an optical cable. After rewriting the plot at the cadastral office, the new owner can apply for a building permit and start building his new home.
  • Do you conduct site visits? Yes. If you are interested in an individual tour, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to go to the construction site with you.
  • When will the approval be? We expect the approval of engineering networks within the I. Stage of the project to be in 3Q/2024.
  • When will the apartments be for sale? The construction of apartment and family houses is currently in the process of planning a sales and construction strategy. For more information, follow our website, where we regularly add up-to-date information about the project.
  • What are the requirements for the construction of family houses? Individual land cards determine the maximum built-up area, street and neighboring lines, maximum floor height, number of parking spaces and also the shape of the roof (flat/gable).
  • What is good to know in advance, before one buys land and starts building? Requirements may be individual. Our location offers lots where everyone can find something for themselves. One of the factors could be the location (locality), sides of the world, flatness, what are the conditions for the construction of RD (territorial planning regulations).
  • Are the areas of individual building plots excluded from the agricultural land fund? Removal from the agricultural land fund for individual buildings will take place on the basis of the issued building permit. The indicative fee is 8-13 CZK/m² of built-up area, which is set by the Department of the Environment.
  • What will be part of the Nové Oslavany project? Kindergarten/shop/restaurant/cultural activities? The location will include non-residential spaces intended for services and also a kindergarten, which will accommodate 3 classes of 25 children each, i.e. 75 children in total.
  • Do you sell, including land, a project for specific family houses? We sell building plots intended for individual construction, which includes a plot card (catalogue sheet), which copies the regulations based on the spatial plan of the city of Oslavany. Upon request, it is possible to send a prepared study of individual houses for a better idea. However, clients can build, for example, a bungalow instead of a multi-storey house on their land. Materially, it is not determined what type of building the owner will choose, i.e. brick houses are allowed, but also wooden buildings.
  • Once the interested party buys the plot, how will the plot be prepared for him? What can they expect? Upon acceptance, we will hand over the building plot to the client, which has the following constructed and approved at the boundary of the plot: access road, utility networks - rainwater, sewage, water supply, gas, electricity and data in the form of an optical cable. After rewriting the plot at the cadastral office, the new owner can apply for a building permit and start building his new home. 
  • Are land owners somehow limited in how their future house should look in terms of architecture, height or perhaps the built-up area of ​​the land? The so-called "land maps" are attached to the contract documentation, which specify the criteria that their family home must meet based on the terms of the town plan of Oslavany. There are no strict rules, apart from determining the position of the street line, the shape of the roof, the height and the maximum percentage of built-up. Others are based on the Construction Act.
  • What stages is the whole project divided into? The entire project is divided into several stages, the first of which is the infrastructure currently being built - networking and building local or purpose-built roads. The next stages are individual apartment buildings, townhouses and also civic amenities – kindergarten, public spaces, service roads.
  • What are the timelines for the individual stages of the project? When could the first landowners start living in their own houses? The first clients can look forward to handing over building plots as early as the end of this year (2024). Some clients are considering prefabricated wooden buildings, for which implementation can be very fast, so we could expect the first celebrations of the approval of individual houses in the next year (2025). On our part, the total time requirement of the entire project is considered to be 8 years, and we have already successfully completed the first year.
  • Are you planning a similar project elsewhere in southern Moravia? As part of the development company Winning Estate, we are also preparing other projects in Brno and the surrounding area, but Nové Oslavany is currently the biggest event that we are currently intensively working on.
  • How can the land be financed? Financing is possible through own funds or a mortgage loan. If you do not have your mortgage specialist, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with a mortgage.
  • How is the payment calendar of individual installments set up? We have financing set up through 2 installments. After signing the Reservation Agreement, we require the 1st installment of 10% of the purchase price in the form of a reservation fee. The remaining part of the purchase price (90%) will be paid only after the approval of the engineering networks, approx. 3Q/2024. After that, the purchase contract will be signed, the plot will be taken over and the ownership right will be recorded in the cadastre.
  • Is the construction of the project financed from the developer's own funds or a construction loan? The Nové Oslavany project is financed through a construction loan through TRINITY BANK a.s. The lien of this particular bank is attached to the individual building plots. After signing the RS, each of the clients will receive a written document promising to waive the lien in the future. This document will come into force immediately after we have paid the full part of the purchase price of the individual plots.
  • To what extent will communication be built within the I. Stage of the project? As part of the I. Stage of the project, we will build communication in the vicinity of the plots of land currently being sold. It will also include street lighting, sidewalks in certain parts of the site, speed bumps and some public, transverse or longitudinal parking spaces. After approval, the road, sidewalks and parking lot will be handed over to the administration and property of the city of Oslavany.