Purchasing process

1. Selection of property
You choose a plot from our offer and contact us that you are interested in it. We will provide you with information about the land and conditions of possible construction on it. As soon as you decide to buy, you will let us know, so we can prepare a booking agreement for you. Until the conclusion of the reservation contract, we will withdraw the selected land from the list of offered properties for you.
2. Conclusion of contract
You will provide us with the necessary data for the preparation of the reservation contract, we will approve the text and conclude it. Within five days of concluding the reservation contract, you will pay a deposit of 10% of the purchase price including VAT.
3. Payment of the purchase price
Construction of utilities and access roads to your property will be done. As soon as they are approved by the Real estate cadastre, we will let you know and conclude a purchase contract or a contract for a future purchase according to the procedure agreed upon with you. Under the terms of the relevant contract, you will pay us the balance of the purchase price and we will initiate the deletion of the existing bank pledge and the transfer of the land to the Real estate cadastre. (The procedure may be slightly different if you choose mortgage financing, but we will always try to accommodate you and your bank).
4. Handover of properties
After you are registered in the cadaster as the owner, we will hand over the land according to protocol.

Land financing

You will pay a reservation fee of 10% of the purchase price of the land including VAT within 5 days of signing the Reservation Agreement. This is then calculated against the future payment of the purchase price of the property. In the case of financing the land with a mortgage loan, we will provide you with the documents and confirmation of our bank necessary for the registration of the lien.

For a more thorough understanding of mortgage financing, we have prepared financing examples that provide more detailed information.